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Feb 19

12 Freedoms of Healthy Families

A few years ago I wrote a short ebook called “The 12 Freedoms of Healthy Families” and it’s been a while since I’ve shared it.  This short little book is the basis for how we operate at Little Village Kids.  The principles shared here are the ones we live by every day as we care for …

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Oct 09

Parent Help Desk

Parent Help Desk Little Village Kids

Attention Parents and Friends, we’ve added an awesome resource to our website!  It’s called the Parent Help Desk and here’s how it works.  You can go to, click on the Parent Help Desk link at the top of the page and use the help desk tool to submit any question you have about children, …

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Sep 28

Potty Training Secrets from Little Village Kids

Potty Training Secrets

One subject that often exasperates parents is potty training.  Our Toddler teachers are always giving helpful tips to weary parents in an effort to guide them through this seemingly endless struggle.  So, because of the popularity of the subject we decided to add this article to the resource section of our website.  Here are our …

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